GMAT Free Resources

Every student loves free GMAT resources! We understand the financial struggle. Preparing for the GMAT can get expensive when you add up the cost of all the books, classes and the price of the exam itself. Don't worry! We have lots of resources that you can use without spending a single penny! :D


The Complete Guide to the GMAT

This Magoosh eBook is the ultimate resource for preparing for the GMAT! This guide goes over the format of the test, explains useful exam strategies, and gives you an overview of every section of the test. It also includes practice questions. You can find this outstanding resource here


Other Magoosh GMAT eBooks

The Integrated Reasoning eBook goes over all the most important things you need to know about this section, and includes strategies for each question type. Also make sure you check out the GMAT Idiom eBook, which goes over 27 different kinds of idioms that might show up on the GMAT! 


The Magoosh GMAT Blog

This blog is continually updated with the latest and greatest information about the GMAT that Magoosh can offer. Maybe you don't know which prep books are the best for your GMAT prep — we've got it here! Maybe you'd like to know which quant topics show up most often on the test: you'll find that info on the blog. Something's changed about the GMAT and you can't find any information about it? You'll probably find it here. Some of the best strategies, tips, and guides for all of the sections of the GMAT are on our GMAT Blog

I know, you're thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of material. How will I ever find the most pertinent posts about the GMAT?" Don't worry! For a compilation of the absolute best of the Magoosh GMAT Blog, check out our GMAT eBook (which is also mentioned above). :)


Free Math Resources

Sometimes it's hard to remember all the concepts and methods that you need to know for the GMAT. There's so many of them! That's why we created the Magoosh GMAT Math Flashcards. These cards include the most important concepts you'll need to know for the test. For more quant tips and strategies, check out our GMAT Math Blog


Magoosh Idiom Flashcards 

If you need some extra practice to memorize all those GMAT idioms (most students do), you can use our free GMAT Idioms Flashcards! This set of flashcards includes the 160 most commonly tested idioms on the GMAT. :) 


Free Youtube Videos

Every Tuesday, our GMAT expert Kevin posts a "GMAT Tuesday" video. Each video covers a different GMAT topic, from score report essentials to spotting parallelism in Sentence Correction questions. Check out GMAT Tuesdays and more videos on our YouTube channel.


Free Explanations to Official Guide questions

If you happen to own the Official Guide (O.G.) to the GMAT, then you'll definitely want to check out our free video explanations for the questions within it. Our GMAT experts create each explanation to help you understand GMAT concepts and avoid common mistakes.


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