How do I increase my GRE score?

If you're asking this question, that's great! That means you know that you can increase your score — it is not fixed.

One of the best ways to raise your score is to figure out what the root of the problem is. So I'd urge you to figure out what you find so difficult about the math and verbal sections. Do you find yourself making small calculation errors that lead to big mistakes? Do you rush through problems? Do you run out of time? Do you get caught up on math basics? Do you not know a lot of the vocabulary words? Reflecting on these things and analyzing the mistakes you make will help you improve! You need to know what you don't know to get better. Keeping an error log is a great way to get started with this.


All students have their own strengths and weaknesses that they will need to diagnose and work on. But we do have some great content from our test experts about increasing your score in different sections of the test and how much of an increase you can expect:

One common misconception is that the way to increase your GRE score is to simply answer as many practice questions as possible. In truth, it is much more important to make sure that you're really learning as much as you can from your practice. Focus on quality over quantity. By "quality" I mean that you should make sure that you really understand the concepts in each lesson or practice question before moving on. You should always make sure to watch the explanation video for every question, even for many of the questions you get right. That way you'll gain a deeper understanding of the logic behind the right answer, as well as pick up on the best strategies to approach the problem! Don't move on to the next question until you're sure that you really understand it and would know how to approach a similar problem in the future.


Here are some useful GRE and GMAT articles on learning from your practice, memory, and translating your practice to exam performance:


I hope that you find these resources helpful! :D

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