LSAT free resources

Preparing for and taking the LSAT can get expensive. While many high-quality prep materials do come at a cost, luckily, there are also a bunch of free resources to help you prepare for the exam! Here's our selection of the top free LSAT prep resources out there :)

Free Resources from Magoosh

1.The Magoosh LSAT Blog

On our LSAT blog, you'll find posts on all aspects of the LSAT, from test-taking strategies to guides to law school and applications, what LSAT prep materials to use and more!

2. Magoosh's LSAT Flashcards

Our LSAT flashcards quiz you on analytical thinking and help you master the basics so that you can answer LSAT questions quickly and confidently. The topics covered include:

  • LSAT Basics
  • LSAT If-Then statements
  • LSAT Logical Opposites
  • LSAT Mini Logic Games
  • LSAT Transitional Language

You can also download our flashcard app for access to our flashcards when you're on the go:

3. Free Magoosh LSAT Prep Trial

Signing up for a FREE TRIAL of Magoosh's LSAT prep gives you access to 5 entire FREE lessons!

Free Official Practice Test

This is an authentic LSAT administered in June 2007. The link above you leads you to the online version of the exam. However, if you prefer a printable PDF of the exam featuring its original formatting, click here.

This version of the exam is also widely used by schools and LSAT prep companies to offer free proctored exams. If you google “free, proctored LSAT practice test in [your city/region]” you will be able to find locally scheduled tests with real-live test conditions, including being timed! :D

Free LSAT Superbook (with a fee waiver)

If you haven't already, apply for the fee waiver program offered by LSAC. While you may think that you don't qualify, it's best to apply and wait for the decision by LSAC. The savings would definitely be worth the effort. Each approved LSAC fee waiver will get you:

  • Two LSATs (test dates must fall within the two-year waiver period);
  • One CAS registration, which includes the Letter of Recommendation Service as well as access to electronic applications for all LSAC-member law schools;
  • Four CAS Law School Reports (available only after final approval of an LSAC fee waiver); and
  • One copy of the Official LSAT SuperPrep II™, which is the LSAC’s “most comprehensive LSAT preparation book.” It includes:
    • 3 complete PrepTests
    • a guide to LSAT logic
    • explanations for every item in all 3 tests (Feb. 2000, Feb. 1999, Feb. 1996)
    • sample Comparative Reading questions and explanations.
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