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Preparing for the MCAT can be overwhelming for both you and your wallet — everywhere you look, there's a recommended prep class, study book, or product for purchase! We know that all the costs associated with the MCAT can add up, especially after signing up for the test itself. While some of the best resources do come at a price, there are many study materials that don't cost a thing. :)

Materials to Help You Learn

AAMC Content Outlines — This document from AAMC (the makers of the MCAT) provides an outline of the information you need to know for the exam in a handy-dandy PDF. It breaks down each test section and gives a detailed list of what you need to know and what subject that knowledge falls under (physics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, etc.) This is a very useful resource you can use to study more efficiently for the exam! :)

Khan Academy — Khan Academy provides video tutorials and practice questions to help learn, practice, and reinforce specific concepts you'll see on the MCAT. Khan Academy has partnered with AAMC to generate material for every section on the exam.

Practice Questions and Tests

Kaplan MCAT qBank — Here is a link to 175 free MCAT practice questions from Kaplan. You can also take a free abbreviated practice test online at Kaplan here. Please keep in mind that the practice tests happen at a specific date and time on the Kaplan website, so you'll have to register for a specific day and time (e.g. December 28th from 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST). On the Kaplan website you can also find a "Free Question a Day" as well as some other free materials. 

AAMC Mini-Test eBook — This eBook from AAMC contains 12 practice questions and explanations that give a good idea of what the questions on the actual MCAT will be like. :) 

If you're looking for more free MCAT materials, please check out some of our MCAT blog posts! I think you'll find these two particularly useful:


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