TOEFL free resources


It can seem like everywhere you turn you are being recommended another book or list that you have to buy. While some of the best quality resources do come at a price, we want to make sure you have access to as many free resources as possible!

Free Magoosh Resources

To complement our lesson videos and practice questions, we have a variety of free resources to help you during your TOEFL prep:

Actively Updated Resources

  • Every week we give some key advice in our TOEFL Tuesday YouTube videos.
  • Our TOEFL blog is full of helpful tips, lessons, and advice. Our blog post writers are constantly on the job, creating new articles and offering more tips.

Useful Tools

  • Our TOEFL eBook explains every section of the test, including every type of question, and strategies throughout.
  • Magoosh's TOEFL Flashcards include the 200 most important words for the test.
  • We have a set of study plans that help structure your studies and take the guesswork out of preparation.
  • Our free practice questions give you a way to practice with material similar to the real exam.
  • Test-ready resources like speaking and writing templates can help you organize your answers in practice and on the test day.

Free ETS Official Resources

Nothing beats the official stuff! There is a lot to choose from, too. Here are some of the best ones below:

  • TOEFL Quick Prep, a tool with real TOEFL iBT test questions from past tests, including transcripts (and, in some cases, actual audio files) from the listening portions of the test.
  • Interactive TOEFL iBT sample questions to help you get used to the structure and format of the TOEFL.
  • TOEFL Talks: In-person seminars and online webinars where ETS representatives teach students about the TOEFL exam, registration, and preparation.
  • TOEFL TV: YouTube videos explaining the format of the TOEFL, giving tips for studying for the TOEFL, and providing information about studying abroad.
  • TOEFL Planner: This PDF guide explains the logistics of taking the TOEFL. It talks about each individual section of the test, plus explains TOEFL scoring and score reports.

As always, we do recommend getting your hands on valuable tools like an Official Guide, but hopefully the above resources help supplement that pool of practice that gets you where you're going!

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