GRE Free Resources

Everybody loves free GRE Prep resources! We understand the financial struggle. The GRE can become quite expensive with all of the books, classes and the price of the exam itself. Don't fret! We have a number of resources that you can use without spending a single penny! :)


The Ultimate Guide to the GRE:

The name of this resource really does it justice. For any question you have about the GRE, whether it's about format, studying, differences between the old and new GREs, our Ultimate GRE Guide has it all. It's an outstanding resource! 


The Magoosh GRE Blog:

This blog is continually updated with the latest and greatest information about the GRE that Magoosh can offer. Maybe you don't know which prep books are the best for your GRE prep — we've got it here! Maybe you missed Chris's most recent "Vocab Wednesday" post: you'll find it on the blog. Something's changed about the GRE and you can't find any information about it? You'll probably find it here. Some of the best strategies, tips, and guides for all of the sections of the GRE are on our GRE Blog.

I know, you're thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of material. How will I ever find the most pertinent posts about the GRE?" Don't worry! For a compilation of the absolute best of the Magoosh GRE Blog, check out our General GRE Book. :)


Free Math Resources:

We like to emphasize the approach to solving math problems on the GRE, but sometimes you really do need to know applicable formulas. That's why we created the Magoosh GRE Math Book. This book has all the essential formulas for solving problems in the quantitative section of the GRE. For more quant tips and strategies, check out our GRE Math Blog!



We have a lot of free words and definitions to offer you, and you can find them here.

If you prefer to use flashcards or apps to expand your vocabulary, try our GRE Flashcard App or our Vocabulary Builder App! They're both incredible resources that won't cost you a penny. :)

For more on vocab, check out this Help Desk Article!


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