Free SAT Resources

Our goal at Magoosh is to make test prep as fun, affordable, and accessible as possible! That's why we provide the following high-quality free SAT resources:

  • Our Magoosh SAT eBook includes everything you need to know about the new SAT, along with tips and strategies to help you succeed on the test. 
  • The Magoosh Math Formula eBook compiles all the math formulas you need to know for the SAT! You'll also find some great information about the concepts and strategies you'll need to know on the SAT.
  • Our Magoosh High School Blog includes hundreds of posts that cover the structure of the test, test-taking strategies, and practice problems to help you perfect your problem-solving skills. We have tons of resources available to help you succeed! The blog isn't strictly focused on the SAT — you'll also find a lot of information about high school life, college admissions advice, and more :-)


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