How to Ask a Good Question

Here at Magoosh, we always strive to answer your questions as quickly, fully, and accurately as possible :D You may not realize it, but you play an important part in our achievement of that goal! A well-formulated question sets us on a path to success. Below are a few quick question-writing tips that help us, help you. :D

  • Let us know who you are. If you’re sending in a question via the Help button in Magoosh, then we’ve already got you covered. :D If you’re writing in to, make sure that you’re using the same email account that you use to sign in to Magoosh, or provide us with the email linked to your account if you’re writing from a different address. That way, we can already see your account and won’t have to ask you for that information before answering your question. :D


  • For academic questions, give us context. Again, if you use the Help button on the page of a Magoosh question or lesson you need help with, we’ll already know where you’re coming from :D But if you’re asking about a question from official materials (i.e. something from ETS PowerPrep, GMAC GMAT Prep etc.), it’s very helpful to include the full text of the question and answer choices. Screenshots or pictures work well! Please note that we do not answer questions about outside sources. In order to keep our prices affordable for students, we prioritize Magoosh and officially released ETS materials.


  • Provide as much detail as possible. If you need help with a practice question or lesson, what approach did you take and where are you stuck? If you need clarification on something said in a video, at what point in the video did it occur? If you’re having a technical problem, what device/browser are you working on? If you’d like to inquire about an extension, how much more time do you need? Asking a detailed question helps us give you a detailed answer, right off the bat. :D

Happy studying, and we look forward to helping you along the way!

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