"To view a film": I still can't understand blank 1




I still can't understand blank 1. Why did we choose C? I'm having a lot of trouble following the first half of the text.



Let's simplify the first half of this text--relevant to the first blank--and see it that makes it a bit clearer. Here's what we should understand:

- Watching a film by Torneau is like going inside his mind.
- His way of thinking is very different from a "normal" person's,
- His unique thinking doesn't __________, even though Torneau can't escape his own mind.

This is very tricky, because there's a lot of meaning in this blank and not very strong clues for it. In the context of *going inside his mind* and *comparing different ways of thinking,* the last piece is the most helpful.

Torneau can't escape his own mind, BUT ____________ . The most sensible prediction given the context is that we can go in his mind, as stated in the very first sentence.

So his strange thinking doesn't "preclude a connection," i.e. prevent us from understanding his thinking.



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