GMAT Sentence Correction Help - grammar tips, strategies

If you're struggling with Sentence Correction on the GMAT, Magoosh can help! Here are a few important tips for GMAT SC.

Tip # 1: There's More to GMAT Sentence Correction than Just Grammar
Bear in mind that GMAT Sentence Correction problems aren't just about grammar. GMAT SC is actually about grammar and meaning. In many wrong answer chocies, differences in grammar create meanings that are contradictory or unclear. So even when you're not sure about grammar rules, you can check answer choices for meaning.

Tip # 2: GMAT Sentence Correction is Style-Conscious
GMAT Sentence Correction questions follow formal business and academic writing conventions. At times, you'll see answer choices that are acceptable in less formal writing but are wrong according to GMAT rules. Learn the GMAT rules as they relate to both grammar and style. Be especially aware of GMAT conventions for wordiness. If you're faced with two very similar answer choices, the shorter, less wordy answer is more likely to be correct.

Tip # 3: On GMAT SC, Strategy is as Important as Grammar and Style Knowledge
Worried that you can't learn every grammar and style rule on the GMAT? Thankfully, you don't need to. GMAT Sentence Correction involves a combination of language knowledge and test strategy. To discover winning GMAT SC strategies, check out Magoosh's GMAT materials. The video explanations in the Magoosh GMAT Forums contain strategies for answering real GMAT SC questions (ones from the makers of the test). We also offer SC strategy video lessons and additional answer explanations through our Magoosh GMAT Premium service. But we have one other very valuable resource for you. This brings me to our next tip.

Tip # 4: Don't Forget to Use the Magoosh GMAT Blog !
Some of our very best resoruces for GMAT Sentence Correction can be found on the Magoosh GMAT Blog. On the blog, we offer tutorials on GMAT RC strategy, grammar, meaning, and style. And the blog has plenty of practice SC quesitons — with answer explnations, of course. :)

You can browse the Sentence Correction archive on the Magoosh GMAT Blog. We also encourage you to start with the following SC blog posts. (Our students have found these to be especially helpful in mastering GMAT SC.)

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