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GMAT SC Grammar: Phrases, Clauses, and Sentence Structure



  • Azad Hossen

    Thanks for providing this helpful arrive. Read Phrases and Clauses Full Details here

  • David Recine

    I love that article, Azad. I will say, though, that the article you link to should ideally have one change: single words can also count as phrases, and I think it's helpful to see them as such.

    Take the subject of "I"-- the first person pronoun used in some example sentences in that article. From a grammatical standpoint, "I" has the same role in a sentence as a more complex noun phrase would, such as "she and I," "my father's blue car," etc....

    It really is helpful to think of any independent grammatical unit as a phrase of a sort, no matter how long or short it is. :D 

  • Fishing Trap

    Good Job. I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts. Thank you for sharing great information with us.

  • Nancy Hasan Shahid

    I have read your full article. You have given a detailed idea of Phrases & Clauses. It's really helpful and informative. Here I have shared a full article on phrases and clauses and completing sentence rules - Completing Sentence With Examples



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