What accessibility features does Magoosh provide for students with disabilities?

Accessibility is a core value at Magoosh! We strive to ensure our prep products are affordable, that they can be used anywhere, and that they are usable for all students -- including those with disabilities.

Maintaining the accessibility of our products is a constantly evolving process, so we'd love your feedback and suggestions. Please email us at with any and all comments!

Here’s a list of accessibility features that we’ve built into our products to work to accommodate students with various disabilities...

Magoosh Accessibility Features

Extended Time for Practice Tests

You can set 50% or 100% extended time provided for Magoosh practice tests. Check out our help article on how to set this up in your profile

Video captions and transcripts 

All of our video lessons have captions and transcripts available for students who are hard of hearing. Although we don’t have captions and transcripts for our answer explanation videos, every answer explanation also includes a text explanation that aligns closely with the video content.

Video hotkeys

Video hotkeys are available for all videos in our products for easier navigation. This includes lesson and answer explanation videos.

space toggle play/pause
f toggle fullscreen
m toggle mute
right arrow skip forward 5 seconds
left arrow jump back 5 seconds
up arrow raise volume by 10% in fullscreen mode
down arrow lower volume by 10% in fullscreen mode
c toggle captions
1-9  jump to that percentage x 10 in video. e.g. 8 = 80% of the video

Screen reader usability

We’re currently working on improving the usability of screen readers with our products. We’ve had many students successfully use Magoosh with screen readers, however our study material is not yet 100% screen reader compatible. 

Our study lessons are video lessons with text transcripts, which should be screen reader and keyboard navigable. However, we do have a few lingering video lessons that show images on the screen, and we haven’t yet updated all of those videos and transcripts include image descriptions. If you ever come across an issue like this, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at to clarify a particular lesson!

One issue we are working on correcting is that many of the diagrams in our math practice are not fully updated with accurate text descriptions to make the problem screen reader accessible. While we audit these practice questions, again you’re encouraged to reach out to us if you ever need clarification or study help. We’d be happy to guide you through any of the diagrams you come across.

Color contrast

Although the majority of elements within pages of our products satisfy WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) success criteria for color contrast, certain small text, links, and buttons don’t yet meet the criteria.

Our lesson and answer explanation videos are recorded with a white background and black text, but certain instructor annotations (often in red marker) and images may not have sufficient contrast. Please let us know if any of the lessons need clarification.

Free Trials

If you’re considering Magoosh but unsure if our product can fully accommodate your needs, one of the best ways to find out is to start a free trial to see for yourself. You can jump right into a free trial for any of these exams: GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, IELTS, TOEFL. No credit card is required.

Disabilities Accommodations from Exam Administrators

Be sure to review information from the exam administrators themselves on taking exams as students with disabilities. Follow the links below to find out how to register, exam accommodations, and more for your particular exam. 










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