How do I choose articles to read? (GRE)

As you already know, it's very important to read a wide range of articles that cover topics that you find really interesting and that you find completely dull as well. Thankfully, we've written a great blog on exactly how to do this and where to find those articles, which you can read here! In case you're in a rush and want to get straight to reading, here's a few places we recommend:

After you choose a few places to read from, look for these features in reading that will benefit you:

  • Broad subject base (the GRE doesn't care what you haven't read, after all!)
  • Asserts an opinion or viewpoint (analysis skills can only be developed this way)
  • Length (if you can read long articles well the GRE will be a breeze)
  • Density (the quicker you get at moving through complex passages with understanding, the better)


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