Welcome to Magoosh GRE Live Classes! :D

Have you heard of Magoosh Live Classes? No?

I'm happy to give you more information on our Live Classes — this is a new feature in Magoosh, and we're very excited about it! Live classes are available to Magoosh Premium + Class subscribers


Check out this demo from Caitlyn to learn more (or read more below).

What are live classes?

Our Live Classes are online webinar-style meetings hosted by a Magoosh GRE expert. In them, we review a specific exam topic in detail — you can think of it as an interactive lesson. 😄  We offer about 4 classes per week on a variety of topics, including math, verbal, and AWA.


When you attend a Live Class, you will be viewing the class along with the other Magoosh students who signed up. You will be able to ask questions "live," and otherwise interact with and learn from our subject experts.


The classes are designed to help you improve your knowledge, refine your strategies, and bust through any score plateau you might be facing. 😄


How to Sign Up

You can sign up for Live Classes from your Magoosh Dashboard. You should see a section for Live Classes here:





As you can see, this shows the Upcoming Classes. Pick the one you want to sign up for and click Register. From there, you will receive an email with more information!


You will also see that on the Classes page there are three sections: 

     Upcoming Classes will show all classes scheduled to take place in the coming week. 

Recent Recordings will allow you to watch recordings of classes that have taken place over the previous five weeks!

Your Classes will show all classes you have registered for in the past, as well as ones that are scheduled to take place.


Also, all students who sign up for a class will receive a recording in a post-class email — so even if you can't attend the class you signed up for, you'll still be able to watch it later. This email will also contain any "homework" described in the class, as well as any additional resources we went over. 🙂


If you have a premium account and would like to upgrade to our Premium + Classes subscription, you can do this by heading to the Classes page and clicking Upgrade on one of the videos! You can also email us at and we'll help you upgrade! :D 


See You in Class!

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