How to Make the Most of IELTS Essay Grading

IELTS essay grading is a great way to get writing feedback by our team of expert Magoosh tutors! We are excited to be able to offer this service to our IELTS students, and want to share some tips on how you can make the most of it!

Use your essays wisely! Give yourself time to learn and improve.

You will get 4 graded essays as part of any Magoosh Premium IELTS Subscription, and you are in control of when you submit an essay for grading. We recommend that you submit an essay when you are ready for feedback, and spend the time to learn from each essay before submitting a new one. If you submit multiple essays at once without waiting for our response, you may accidentally make the same mistakes several times without a chance to correct them!

One great way to track your progress in between scored essays is to grade your own essays. This will help you to understand the rubric, identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, and work on issues identified by our expert graders. 

Review the essay thoroughly.

Take the time to review the grading rubrics and other resources to understand your score. After you receive the score report, you should spend some time analyzing it yourself in order to understand why you received that score and how you can improve. There are plenty of tools that can help you to do this! Here are a few ideas: 

Understand the limitations of Magoosh IELTS essay grading 

Our team of expert tutors will provide you with a score based on the official IELTS scoring rubrics as well as some general tips and advice to improve your score. We are a small team with many students, and unfortunately we can’t provide more detailed writing advice to all of our students.

Once you receive a graded essay, you are welcome to respond to the tutor to ask for clarification about the feedback on your essay. Our tutors can provide you with more resources to learn about a specific topic, or provide another general example from your essay to support their feedback.  

If you need more personalized attention, you may want to look for a personal tutor who can work through the essay with you and identify specific weaknesses or areas for improvement. 

Work on your “big picture” English skills

It will probably take a while to see a significant increase in your writing score. In order to improve your score, you need to work on your “big picture” English skills. One important way to do this is to immerse yourself in English as much as possible. If you are exposed to high quality English writing on a regular basis, you will improve your general English skills. This is essential to improve on the IELTS essay!  Spend time every day reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. 

We have a lot of resources in our IELTS blog to help you improve your English skills as well as your essay-writing skills. Check out the writing section of our blog for some great tips! 

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