How much will my score increase? (ACT)

Great question! :)

We guarantee that your score will increase by at least 4 points when you study with Magoosh. While many students have increased their score more than that, this depends significantly on a few key factors:

  • Your starting abilities
  • The amount of time you have to devote daily/weekly/monthly
  • How efficient you are at self-analysis and self-correction

Before you think to yourself, "Oh man, 4 points isn't enough," consider that this includes students of all levels. If you are at a very low score, you are theoretically in a great position to improve more than 4 points because you can improve both your ACT skills (e.g. recognizing tricks, learning the format, etc.) and your actual conceptual knowledge (e.g. getting the hang of algebra or improving reading comprehension). Use that 4 point figure as a benchmark, but push as hard as you can to aim for more!

So what should you do?

Step 1: Find your starting point. If you have already taken the ACT and have an official score, that's the most reliable starting point. You might also have taken a mock test score from somewhere, and that'll work too. These resources will help you asses point one from above, giving you an idea of your starting point in the five sections of the ACT (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing). Now, if you've taken the new or old SAT, you can use our score conversion chart to give you a good idea of your general baseline, as well. :)

Step 2: Figure out your timeline and what can realistically be done. If you have 1 week before your exam, it's not feasible to cover every possible concept. Instead, figure out what topics to focus on in order to see the most improvement. Perhaps reviewing algebra and geometry will cover 70% of your math errors. Clearly, you would do that! And maybe you struggle with reading comprehension and pacing, so doing timed practice will help you answer more questions and raise that score! If you have a longer timeline, your plan of attack can be broader and more detailed. Our study schedules are great to help you organize your prep so that you get the most out of the time you have to study!

Step 3: Be vigilant and never relax your attention! You should regularly check in on yourself. Ask questions like:

  • What new mistakes have I made?
  • Am I making the same old mistakes, or are those fixed?
  • What are my weakest areas this week?

Using tools like an error log can really help you keep track of your progress and what topics you need to review more.

In short, your increase potential is up to you! We're all rooting for you. :)

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