Which TOEFL study schedule should I follow?

We have four different TOEFL study schedules

As you may have guessed, the main difference among the first three schedules is their length. You should follow whichever schedule most closely matches the amount of time that you have to study. Each of these first three schedules gives you daily instructions to follow, and will have you watching a lot of lesson videos - and doing a lot of practice! If you have extra time left after completing a schedule, you can use this time for extra practice. 

The GRE and TOEFL Combined Schedule is for students who need to study for both the GRE and the TOEFL at the same time. If you have less than 4 months to prepare, you may want to make some changes to this schedule. By skipping some of the practice sessions (and any lesson videos that cover things that you already know), you can shorten this schedule - and you'll be able to go through it more quickly. 

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