Can you explain the difference in GMAT plans in more depth?

Definitely! :)

Our premium plan has 250+ lesson videos that teach all the core concepts you will encounter on the GMAT. This includes Integrated Reasoning and Writing, 350+ verbal practice questions, and 450+ math practice questions. Each practice question comes with video and text explanations. The plan also comes with practice tests that simulate the conditions of the actual GMAT and email support on any questions you may have (on everything from content to study strategies or technical problems).

This is our comprehensive plan, which gives you access to all the Magoosh material :) There is also a score predictor that provides an estimate of your intermediate scaled GMAT score based on the questions you've answered, so you can keep track of your progress in real time. 

In addition to the premium plan, we have verbal-only and math-only plans. These have all the same features as the premium plan, except that they offer only verbal or math instruction and questions, not both. For this reason, there are also no full-length practice tests or score predictors in the math-only and verbal-only plans. The premium, verbal, and math plans last one year from your date of activation and are accessible as often as you would like, on any computer. You can sign up for any of our plans from our plans and pricing page!

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