I need a big boost in verbal. How can I tailor my studies? (GMAT)

If you're just beginning your studies, then we'd highly recommend following our Verbal Focused Study Plan :) It's designed for students who need to see improvement on the Verbal section.

Otherwise, the most important thing you can do to improve your Verbal score is to read as much as you can, every day. Reading articles and books that are on the same level as GMAT reading passages will help improve your comprehension as well as your understanding of complex phrases and grammatical structures. Here are some good places to find reading material:

When you read, try to think actively about the text. Try to summarize the main idea at the end of each paragraph and make sure that you understand the article at the end. If you're reading an opinion piece, try to notice the main parts of the argument and see whether you can come up with any points that would weaken it. You should also keep a notebook in which you take notes any time you encounter a grammatical structure or word that you're not familiar with. Every week or so, review these notes. 

You should also check out our idiom flashcards and spend some time going through the Verbal Section of our GMAT Blog. It's full of study tips and strategies for every kind of Verbal question! :)

Happy studying!

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