I Keep Getting Questions of the Same Difficulty Level. Is Something Broken?

If you're receiving questions of the same difficulty level in an adaptive practice session, it is very likely that our product is working as designed. When you enter an adaptive practice session, your overall performance determines the level of difficulty of the questions that you will see in the future. Something to acknowledge is that our algorithm weighs the last 10 questions that you have answered more than the questions that you have answered previously. Look at it this way, if you have done well with medium and easy-level questions in the past, you should expect to see more hard questions, maybe even a number of hard questions in a row. 

Also, it's important to keep in mind that not every "hard" question is equal in respect to difficulty. This is not how our system looks at these question labels. We use "hard" as a user-friendly label that replaces the statistical analysis that helps our system adaptively select your next set of questions based on your previous performance. 

The statistical analysis that underlies the difficulty labels that are assigned to each question are developed through a points system. We essentially assign point values based on how many students are getting a question incorrect/correct. Based on how our points system is designed, it is very possible that an "easy" and "medium" question could actually be very similar, in terms of difficulty. The same applies to the relationship between a "hard" question and a "very hard" question! We prefer to use the labels because they are easier to interpret both for our students and us! =D

 How Can I see a Wider Variety of Difficulties?

Good question! You can create a custom practice session (which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard) that randomly selects from questions all difficulty levels, regardless of your past performance. In order to do this, change the "difficult" selection from Adaptive to All Difficulties. Then, you should begin to see questions from all difficulty levels. =D


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