Can I share my account with a friend, relative, or classmate?


Thank you for asking a good question! It's easy to miss, but sharing accounts is against our terms of service. We designed the Premium account for one student only, and we believe it works best that way!

Let's look at why it won't work as well with multiple students:

  • Features like note-taking, lesson marking, etc. will not be personalized to just your needs and learning.
  • The score predictor on the dashboard will not be accurate, since you wouldn't be the only one answering questions.
  • We won't be able to help you as well as we'd like, because your answer data will not be personalized and our advice won't necessarily apply to you.
  • Taking tests or doing practice sessions will be trickier as the system may think you have answered questions that were actually answered by someone else. In other words, you'll miss out on some of the material!
  • If we do see that you are sharing your account, we won't be able to offer the support that many of our students love most about Magoosh. And we don't want to do that!

In summary, Magoosh is much, much more effective if you have your own account. It is a self-study platform that helps you monitor your personal progress and find insights in data, which works best individually. :)


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