What should I do if I fell behind in my schedule, or the Magoosh schedules don't fit my needs?

Are you having trouble following a study plan? Did you skip a week or two? Are you worried that you won't be able to work through the whole schedule by test day?

Not to worry! We have advice for you that will help :)

First, we have a great article that will detail what to do if you fall off the study wagon:

What to Do If You Fall Off the Study Wagon

This article is about studying for the GRE, but the information in it applies to any test you may be studying for. Essentially, falling off the wagon is normal, and it's not all bad news. It's a moment to re-evaluate your study method. Here's what you should do: 

1. Re-evaluate your goal. Are your goals obtainable and manageable? This could be as simple as an allotted amount of time you will spend each day studying. Pick an amount of time you can actually stick to! This many mean that you need to make some changes to the study schedule (see point number 3 below).  

2. Have flexibility built into your plan. There are always going to be things that come up in life that interfere with studying. Allow yourself a number of free days you can use when these situations arise. 

3. The overall point is to plan a study schedule that meets your needs :) If you are using one of our pre-made study schedules, you may want to adapt it or change it a bit. If you'd like to reduce your daily study hours, you could go through the plan at slightly slower pace: for example, you could complete one day from the plan every two real two days. If the plan covers information that you're confident that you already know, you can skip those tasks. Once you've completed a plan, you can always use any remaining study time to do extra practice! 

This article has tips on how to adapt our GRE schedules to fit your needs, and this article has tips on how to adapt our GMAT schedules.

Best of luck and happy studying! :)



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