What's the best strategy for GRE Quant age questions?

Age questions ask you to figure out someone's past, current, or future age. To learn more about how to solve them, we recommend watching this lesson video: Past and Future Ages

Here are some strategies the video mentions, which you might find helpful: 

- Age questions often mention two different times (ex: In five years, John will be three times as old as Rachel is now). Make sure that you keep track of which values correspond to which time when you're setting up your equations; this will make solving the problem a lot easier!

- Usually, you want to your variables to represent people's ages right now. To represent their ages at different times, use addition or subtraction. For example, if a problem talks about Rachel's age now and Rachel's age in five years, you'll probably want to use r to represent Rachel's age now and r + 5 to represent her age in five years.

I hope these tips and the video help! :) If you want some extra practice, here are some sample age problems you can work on:

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