I need a 2 month, 60 day GRE daily study schedule.

We don't currently have a 60 day daily schedule, however there are a few things you could do:

1. Follow our 2 month, weekly schedule, found here. While this schedule does not give you daily instructions (only weekly), it still covers all the necessary concepts, and is designed for 8 weeks of study.

2. Modify one of the 90 day schedules—to do this, you'll need to cover 3 weeks of the schedule for every 2 weeks you have to study. This sounds a little complicated, but it's really not, if you first visualize your new schedule on paper. For example, you could do the following:

  • Do "double days" every other week: for one week, cover 2 days of schedule for each day of your studying. Then, the next week, follow the schedule as normal. (Your week 1 = Weeks 1 and 2 of the study plan, Your week 2 = Week 3 of the study plan, Your Week 3 = Weeks 4 and 5 of the study plan, and so on). Since the original plan only requires about 1-2 hours of studying a day, this is definitely doable.

3. Much easier than the above, you could also just follow our one month plan and take 2 days for every one day on the study plan. This will definitely still allow you to cover all of the topics you'll see on the exam. :) And since the 30 day plan require about 3-4 hours of studying a day, if you spread this out over 2 months, you'll still be studying about 2 hours a day.

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    Hi Rachel:

    Is one of these options more effective than the other? For example, would choosing option #3 be less effective than option #2, or are they the same? What is the best option for the highest score if we have 60 days?

    Thank you!

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    Rachel Wisuri

    Hey Mandy! Great question. All of these choices will be effective, so it really does come down to personal preference, and how much you need to improve your score. If you need to review all areas (both math and verbal) equally, I'd suggest option 3. But, if you need to work on one area a lot more intensely than the other (math over verbal, or vice versa), I'd suggest going with option 2. Hope that helps!