How do I overcome exam anxiety? Help!

Great question! Standardized tests like the ones we cover can often be stressful to prepare for. Many students suffer from exam-related anxiety as a result. So definitely know that you're not alone in wondering about this. 

Now for the good news! Mike, our GMAT expert, has written an excellent set of articles about overcoming exam anxiety. They apply to pretty much any test and contain some very solid advice. Here are links to those articles: 

Mike's articles cover a wide range of topics. Here are some things they mention that are especially worth keeping in mind:

- According to much of the latest research in neurology and psychology, taking a moment to focus on your breathing is one of the best things you can do to feel better if you're feeling anxious or having trouble focusing. Check out the first article to see why this is the case.

- By practicing mindfulness techniques, which involve distancing yourself from your thoughts, you can train yourself to focus on your breathing in the way mentioned above. The second article contains some helpful tips related to this.

- These mindfulness techniques can also help if you find yourself worrying a lot about the outcome of the test you're preparing for. To see why, take a look at the third article. While the article specifically mentions applying to business school, it contains useful advice for students applying to any educational program, including college, graduate school, law school, and medical school.

- In addition to practicing mindfulness, there are a number of changes you can make to your lifestyle that will help reduce stress and anxiety. For more information about that, see the fourth article

We hope these articles help you beat exam anxiety! Read on, and stress less! :)

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