My exam is in 3 days and I’m freaking out. Any last minute tips?


Many students begin to feel extra pressure and test anxiety as their last week approaches. But don't fear — Magoosh is here! We've written a detailed post to walk you through every hour of your last week of studying that you can read here. Here's a quick synopsis if you need to get back to the books right away:

  • Know the format of the exam: Know what kinds of questions you'll face, which kinds you struggle with, and review accordingly!
  • Trust your gut instinct: If you get an idea of what the answer will be while you're reading the question, look for that answer in the choices!
  • Don't study or do any test prep the day before the exam. You need to rest, refresh your mind, and take a break to get rid of stress!
  • Do get a great night's sleep, and bring a bottle of water, pencils, a snack, and your photo ID to the test center!

Good luck on your GRE — you can do it!

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