What does it mean to be a self-studier?


At Magoosh, we want to help the most students we can. But our platform is set up to help self-studiers find success, an that means we are not on-call tutors or teachers that will take you through the entire journey. This doesn't work for everyone, and we know that. If you think you need more personalized, one-to-one help, that's okay! Finding the type of support you know you need is the best way to find success. :D

So what is a self-studier?

Being a self-studier is not readily apparent always. There are certain attributes and characteristics that self-studiers have. Learn more about what these are so that you can study efficiently and effectively with Magoosh: We wrote an article to help define a self-studier

Check it out and see if it sounds like a description of YOU! :)

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