Will you answer my questions on outside material? What about official ETS or GMAC material (GRE and GMAT) ?

We do not answer questions from sources other than Magoosh and official materials, such as those published by ETS, GMAC, etc.

Magoosh is a small team of test prep experts that answers hundreds of questions a day from thousands of students. However, this is just one of several reasons why we no longer answer questions from outside material. Here are a few of the others:

  • Outside materials are frequently of poor quality and can often hurt more than they help.

  • Magoosh offers hundreds of practice questions. For our GRE and GMAT students, we've developed several hundred lesson videos and more than a thousand practice questions, and we want our students to focus on those first. Success comes from high-quality practice!

We also have video explanations for the GMAT and GRE Official Guides (OG)! Find them here:

Because OG material is as good as it gets, we're happy to answer questions on it! Try to send in each of your questions in a separate email. 

If you can't find a particular video explanation, or if an explanation doesn't clarify everything for you, just let us know! You can reach us via, from the bottom of any question or lesson page, or from your Dashboard when you log in!

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