What does ______ mean? What's the definition?

If you're having trouble with the meaning of a word or phrase in Magoosh, and there's no link that shows you definition, we have some favorite dictionaries to recommend :-) 

Both of those sites give definitions for the multiple meanings of words from different dictionaries and example sentences from real English text. We prefer, because it has clear, conversational definitions. And both dictionaries have phrases, too, so if it's more than one word that's okay! Search anyway :-) 

And if the phrase isn't on either or, try this idiom dictionary:

And if you still can't find the meaning, try google! Search like this for the best results:

  • meaning "[your phrase here]"

If it's a phrase or idiom you're looking for, remember to use the quotation marks around it so google knows to search for those words together, not separate. 

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