What exactly are the properties of zero? (GMAT and GRE)

Let's say you're doing a math practice problem that involves finding the number of "even, positive integers" within a particular interval.

One of the biggest questions you might have while you're solving those types of practice problems might be whether or not to include 0 in your list. Because of that, dealing with 0 can definitely be confusing since there are so many special properties to remember.

But don't fret! :D Here are some important facts to know about zero for test day. :)


1)      Zero is even (never odd)

2)      Zero is neither positive nor negative (the only number with this property)

3)      Zero is an integer (and must be considered when question limits choices to integers)

4)      Zero is a multiple of all numbers (x*0 = 0, so 0 is a multiple of any number, x)

5)      Zero is not a prime number (neither is 1; smallest prime number is 2)

6)      No number can be divided by 0 (including 0 itself), but 0 can be divided by any number (0x = 0, but x0 or 0/0 is undefined)

7)      Any number to the power of 0 equals 1 (x^0 = 1)

8) 0! = 1! = 1  





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