What SAT score do I need to get into _____ college?

Let’s say you’re getting ready to take the SAT and start applying for colleges, but what score do you need for your dream colleges or universities?

The short answer: It depends on the colleges and programs you’re applying to!

The long answer: The SAT score you’ll need really depends on the schools and programs you’re applying to. For example, you’ll see differences in average scores between schools (e.g. Harvard vs. a large state school), and occasionally between programs at those schools as well (Engineering vs. Business vs. Humanities). Schools usually post this information on their admissions pages, so the best place to check would be the admissions website! :) 

If you can’t find information about the average scores online, the best thing to do would be to contact the admissions office of the schools you’re interested in and ask. There’s no better source for information than from the school itself. :D

For your convenience, we also have the average SAT scores (old and new version) for the Top 100 Universities on our High School Blog! It would be a great place to start your research: 

SAT Score Range: What’s a Good SAT Score for Colleges?

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